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will single-handled obliterate YA section of library

jk jk I had to stop in the Ms because I forgot to bring bags to carry books in HOLLA

I came home with
Jellicoe Road (new to me but Beth talks about it)
Dragonhaven (not but I remember loving it want to see if it survives the reread)
The Merlin Conspiracy (new to me but DWJ)
The Demon's Lexicon/Covenant (not new to me, but the final book in the trilogy is, and I reserved that one so they should be sending it my way)
Finnikin of the Rock (new also I couldn't remember what [livejournal.com profile] brandy_painter had said about it but I knew it came first)
The Singer of All Songs (new and unknown)
Saving Francesca (new but Brandy talks about it also same author as Finnikin)
Beauty Queens (new to me but Libba Bray)
Princess of Glass (new to me by the same author was that Snow and Ice book with the bear)
The Secret Country (new to me, Cassie Claire plagiarized it I hear)
The Last Unicorn (new to me but apparently I should have read this years ago)
Alphabet of Thorn (new to me but Patricia McKillip/[livejournal.com profile] loquaciousquark I need to borrow the Riddlemaster books from you)

so overall there's only one book on here that I picked up on a total whim (oh and I bought a book at Wal-Mart the other day because it was on sale and the narrative voice reminded me vaguely of Doctrine of the Labyrinths although I do not expect it to be nearly that good) but still, progress! Also I bravefully (it's totally a word shut up) faced the librarian with my stack of Books For Teens and then talked about how I was a newlywed WOOOOOOOOOOOOO NO SHAME

So now everybody ([livejournal.com profile] beth_shulman) now that I'm not a full-time teacher and have time on my hands to do things like read for pleasure if I've ever mentioned thinking a book looked interesting ([livejournal.com profile] brandy_painter) or if you think there's something I should read, TELL ME. I can bus books in from all over Jefferson Country.

Also I have choir practice tonight! Now...if only I hadn't forgotten to grab a frozen meal to eat...sigh.
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