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while they did live happily ever after

the point, gentlemen, is that they lived

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The LJ Stuff
This journal is semi-friends only. My fandom-related posts will be open, but I lock things I consider personal or private, with a recent trend towards increasing the number of those. Don't be offended if I don't friend you back; I'm trying to keep my f-list small so I don't have to resort to friends-locking the entire thing and then coming up with separate filters. It's too much effort.

Friend me if you like, and while I prefer it if you let me know, eventually I'll look at my profile and figure it out.

I am a mod of the community katara_zuko, so feel free to ask me questions.
I'm also a mod of sounis, the best fan community on LJ. :-D

The Bio-ish Stuff
I come from the area of the United States labeled "Southern," and while my hometown is not as Southern as others, my roots go deep in this part of the country, and I'm proud to be a born-and-raised native. I'm a product of suburbia, engineers, good teachers, my parents, Catholicism, and an extremely active imagination; I cannot catch a cab and I love sweet tea, barbecue, and eating Jesus on the weekends.

I went to a very expensive school and tried to justify it to myself by saying my degree will help me get into graduate school which will help me teach in a very expensive school, thus continuing the doomed cycle of People Whose Majors Aren't Going to Pull Down $80,000 a Year.

Not that I'm in graduate school. Maybe one day. Instead I spent a year tutoring in a high school outside Seattle with AmeriCorps and another year teaching English to high school freshmen.

I have recently become a Married Woman; he's the love of over half my life and, according to some of my friends, we are proof that Fairy Tales Do Come True.

I am also a sucker for Cary Grant, well-written RPGs, and Disney films. And most of the things listed under "interests." And I love to talk about all of them.

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Interests (150):

aaron copeland, acting, alice more, alistair, americorps, angsty literature, animorphs, anton chekhov, arranged marriages, artemis fowl, artemis/holly, arthurian legend, atlanta braves, attolia, avatar, avatar: last airbender, being alive, betaing, bettering my own writing, bettering other people's writing, bioware, blue skies, breathing, capslocking, catholicism, chocolate, classical music, college, dancing like white girls, draco/ginny, dragon age: origins, dungeons and dragons, dvorak, eating chocolate, editing, eugenides, exa, exa's wardrobe, fanfiction, fangirling, feeling homesick, france, gen, giving hugs, guinevere, han solo, happiness, harry potter, hd, indiana jones, internalizing my fears, introducing-untold-suffering into quark's life, irish, jane austen, katara/zuko, kotor, lakshri, lakshri's abs, lancelot, laughing my head off, loghain, looking at chocolate, lotr, lotr soundtracks, lots of random things, maou-sama, mask of the betrayer, mass, masses of people, michelle branch, monty python, movies, mwt, nerding up the place, neverwinter nights, neverwinter nights 2, nice catholic boys, not killing humans, not killing monsters, npr, obsidian, ogling, ogling fictional characters, ogling random actors, original fiction, pc rpgs, people, philosophy, procrastinating, promoting the fine arts, quarkie lynn, quotations, quoting movies from memory, rachmaninov, raiding quarkie lynn's fridge, randomly bursting into song, reading, reading kakasaku fanfiction, rhett butler, ron weasley, rpgs, russia, sadness, saints, sam vimes, sarah monette, saying i love you, scarlett o'hara, sheila, shipping in general, shipping zutara, singing, smiling, smiling at strangers, socrates, solitude, soundtracks, speaking french horribly, speaking russian очень плохо, squeeing, star wars, strangling trumpet players, strangling violin players, superior, superior cross, t.h. white, terry pratchett, the flying sheep sketch, the holy grail, the life of brian, the marriage counselor sketch, the parrot sketch, the space between breaths, theology, thomas more, tragic love stories, tropes, u2, using t3h intraweb speaks, vetinari, victorian age, violas, virginia woolf, walking my dog, whining about intellectual stuff, wishing for chocolate, worshipping howard shore, writing, yoga, you
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