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I would use this userpic:

but since LJ's recent shenanigans my paid account has not been renewed and it won't let me upload any new icons. I can't even access my Morrigan icon, and there seems to be no way to swap out what's inactive and what isn't? Oh well.





Aggressive mage f!Hawke named Thistle:

slight spoilers I guess )

anyway now I have to go fic. There are at least three kmeme fills I want to do AND Cullenfic AND that magefic contest (not that my idea is going to win oh well) AND my big bang fic (so...jossed...well, not entirely, but the timeline is a bit screwy).

but yeah if you have any fic recs or want to know more about my playthrough/want to yak, uh, go right ahead?

/goes to set her DA comms back to "watch" status
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So I was driving down to Quark's apartment today looking at all the colorful trees and the hills and the rivers and I was just so happy. so happy. I haven't been home for fall in five years; I'd forgotten how much I love it. ND has an awesome fall too; I don't remember fall in Seattle much at all. (Probably because it dropped down to fifty and then just stayed there.) And it's chilly outside but not too cold to play, and the leaves are gorgeous, and it's football season, and it's NaNo season (and I don't feel like doing NaNo itself but I do want to write), and life is just lovely.

And then of course I spent like forty minutes on two miles of traffic because an 18-wheeler had gone off the road (it looked cool, but forty minutes of my life) (forty minutes of Dragon Age!), and so I became kind of grumpy, but while driving down the back highways, looking at the county folks having garage sales at the crossroads and goats grazing in the fields, this is what came to my mind:

Pied Beauty
Gerard Manley Hopkins

GLORY be to God for dappled things—
  For skies of couple-colour as a brinded cow;
    For rose-moles all in stipple upon trout that swim;
Fresh-firecoal chestnut-falls; finches’ wings;
  Landscape plotted and pieced—fold, fallow, and plough;
    And áll trádes, their gear and tackle and trim.

All things counter, original, spare, strange;
  Whatever is fickle, freckled (who knows how?)
    With swift, slow; sweet, sour; adazzle, dim;
He fathers-forth whose beauty is past change:
                  Praise him.
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oh well i have it on my phone
this conversation is weirdly long and involved
i type it ALL

[IT STARTS with her telling me to eat before having any serious conversations with WP]

jade: Ha ha ha. I told him I slept in late because I might need the extra energy for inkpot throwing. But you are right. Besides, there's still like five and a half hours before he comes home.

quark: Oh. Yes. Well then. Warn him to guard his right hand, just in case.

jade: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA luckily I do not think he actually has a saber. ...brb now I have to go check.

quark: Hahaha. Hey, you can be flexible. Kitching knives, butter knives, rusty shivs...

jade: oooooooo shivs. That's quite brilliant.

quark: You may thank my vast and encyclopedic knowledge of prison movies. Which is comprised solely of shawshank redemption.

jade: Hahahahahahahahahaha oh man I haven't even seen that one all the way. Or even a little bit. Oops.

quark: I have seen it twice. See: encoclypedic knowledge.

jade: Ah yes, clearly that is enough to catch all the nuances.

quark: And more they DIDN'T EVEN INTEND.

jade: OSNAP. clearly you are a prison MASTER.


jade: /is shot

quark: That sounds so dirty.

jade: Exactly. /lightning'd

quark: A bolt from the blue! (Not superman)

jade: ...Wonder Woman?

quark: Idk. apparently she's super into b**** HahahahHAHAHAHA SPEECH TO TEXT CENSORS BONDAGE


quark: Let's see what else! b**** sex sexy kinky b*** s*** f*** damn it dom sub relationship
quark: bastard b**
quark: The B ones, by the way, are bondage, bdsm, and bitch

jade: What's the four-letter b word?

quark: I KNOW. Letters!
quark: Also I am whispering these so quietly I'm surprised it can hear it

jade: It's impressive on so many levels. Like who even thought about that, much less to censor it?

quark: ...i got that text four times.
jade: sorry thi WHAT IS THIS

I did not actually say that she said that I think what I said was my phone told me my text didn’t send, except apparently it did, and then I told her that clumsy!Hawke was making my day and apparently that distracted her. I am not sure if this conversation had a funnier conclusion! So we’ll just leave Quark’s distracted shock as a testament to her short attention span.

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to Aveline's Act 2 Personal Quest:

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[livejournal.com profile] crisium_rising gave me a meme! So, since Quark is sleeping in her room and thus cutting me off from my DA2 fix (and my screenshots, thus making it difficult for me to show you the hot mess that is Thistle Hawke), I am going to do it!

(Also I should talk about DA2. I kind of love it. On the other hand, I have two full pages of notes about Thistle, because I cannot nail down her character. Sarcastic with the people she likes! Aggressive with everyone else! Supremely confident in her magic! Cocky! Rich! Beautiful! Might be falling in love with Anders, definitely wants to rip Isabela's pants off*! But what is the underlying motivation? *weeps*)

(*Note: Isabela does not actually wear pants.)

Anyway, the meme.

1. Reply to this post with "UNICORNS", and I will pick five of your icons.

2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.

3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.

4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee

This is an updated version of one of the first icons [livejournal.com profile] loquaciousquark ever made! From the School Time Shipping (STS)(so close to STDS) (thanks Mike and Bryan) episode, where Katara says smell ya later to Jet and Haru and Zuko and goes off with...the Blue Spirit. Who is actually Zuko. But Zuko's busy going AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH and I just love his expression and the way his jaw is just hitting the ground with sheer DO NOT WANT.

Spoilers follow, but nothing that would ruin the books. Mostly it is cut because MY SHIPS, I HAVE FEELINGS ABOUT THEM. FEELINGS.

er, anyway, that's my Artemis Fowl icon. /cough

I have a lot of Issues with Enchanted, but omg Amy Adams is adorable, and also this icon basically encapsulates my reaction to a lot of things. In a step-by-step sort of way. SQUEE.

EVERYONE ALWAYS ASKS ABOUT THIS ICON oh man I haven't used it in ages but okay okay so anything [livejournal.com profile] aspectabund does involving the Queen's Thief books is just about guaranteed to make me a) laugh b) cry c) explode and this post is no different. I...can't really explain if you haven't read the books. But. There you go. Gen's having a bad day.

THIS IS THE ONLY ICON I HAVE EVER MADE and I made it because I desperately needed a Dragon Age icon. This is the expression Morrigan makes when you tell her that she is going to get to fight Loghain at the Landsmeet. She does a dance. It is so sarcastic and oh joy and I laughed so hard the first time I did it. And Morrigan is, I believe, my absolute favorite character from DAO. I could write about her ALL THE TIME. She's just so complex and vulnerable and tough and her friendship storyline with f!Warden is so AWESOME and EPIC and satisfying that when she leaves at the end you're actually sad...

...unless you're my boyfriend, who was all "I hate Morrigan" and "Alistair sucks."* On the other hand, he apparently just took his character into the Deep Roads by himself. Just for the sake of being a dwarf, walking around the Deep Roads. I. Don't always understand him.

*well if you would not leave him in the armor he was wearing at the start of the game...

anyway as far as RL goes WP and I are still the best thing since indoor plumbing (what? I rank that above sliced bread any day) and Quark and I have seen each others' optic nerves so we are ~*~closer than ever~*~ and she really needs to get her butt out of bed so I can PLAY THE GAME ALREADY. UGH.

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You guys, I have like forty questions. And they are all ridiculous and only half are in the format I was expecting and, just, I HOPE YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU.

I left out a few “write a story” prompts because I am now sick and did not feel like going back and filling those in. So I will do that later.

So first, the character list!

1. Severus Snape, potions professor, Harry Potter
2. Toph Bei Fong, twelve-year-old blind earthbending master, Avatar: The Last Airbender
3. Ged, archmage and thief, Earthsea
4. Han Solo, smuggler and general, Star Wars
5. Attolia, queen of the country and also woman named Irene, Queen’s Thief
6. Lucy Honeychurch, young lady and piano player, A Room with a View
7. Holly Short, elf LEPrecon captain, Artemis Fowl
8. Jayne Cobb, muscleman and sniper, Firefly
9. Kyouya Ootori, high school junior and shadow king, Ouran
10. Britomart, cross-dressing female knight, The Faerie Queene
11. Alistair Theirin, Warden and bastard prince, Dragon Age
12. Noah Puckerman, ladies’ man with a sweet voice, Glee
13. Scarlett O'Hara, lady and businesswoman, Gone with the Wind
14. Bishop, ranger and scout, Neverwinter Nights 2
and a fandom repeat,
15. The Cabbage Man, a merchant, Avatar: The Last Airbender

seriously, Nessa? Seriously? )

Well, that was exhaustingly fun. I hope you enjoyed!
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Goose just finished Rebel Angels and now she is reading The Sweet Far Thing and she keeps asking me questions that just supports my suspicion that I need to reread that trilogy. Oops!

I showed the SyFy Alice to Quark and she liked it! I got to be ~*~mysterious~*~ and withhold information from her, which drives her crazy, because she likes to know she won't be disappointed and I don't believe in spoilers. THIS IS WHY WE ARE BEST FRIENDS: ULTIMATE COMPATIBILITY.

books other people got me )

other things I got, or, One Day I Will Master the 'List' Instead of the 'Block Paragraph' )

Anyway let's see OH I also saw Tangled with my sisters, anyone want to discuss? I know Jak did over at her LJ. I should do that.

OH OH OH I FINISHED ARIEL'S CHRISTMAS PRESENT but I can't share it with y'all yet because she hasn't read it I am THE MOST IMPATIENT FOR THIS TO HAPPEN stupid houses with no internet. BUT I THINK IT TURNED OUT OKAY I mention this also because like I have two more plot bunnies alongside the two I still have to write alongside the OTHER two I still have to write and they are all Dragon Age fic. Anyway we haven't unlocked Office on this computer because I hate Office 2010 with a fiery passion and just want my Word 2007 or whatever installed. Whichever one doesn't involve those stupid tabs at the top. This might seem neurotic, but you know, some people have to have unlined paper, others have to have fancy pens, some people like their netbooks, I want my old Word back. IT'S PART OF THE CREATIVE PROCESS, OKAY. I WANT TIMES NEW ROMAN, SINGLE-SPACED, NO STUPID GAPS BETWEEN PARAGRAPHS, THAT IS ONLY FOR THE INTERNET.

oh my goodness, first world problems.

There has been a lot of Bailey's in my life over the past say half of a week, so...lakhen? saba? thīke? IT WOULD HELP IF I KNEW HOW TO SPELL THESE WORDS. I will be back to you with the proper spelling. I'm 90% sure it ends with "saba thīka hai." (Anyone on my flist speak Hindi? Anyone?) (Apparently the alphabet is really easy to learn?) (This is one of my goals in life.)

I think it is time for a new layout. Suggestions? Themes it would make you happy to see every time you wandered over to my journal? I'M TAKING THEM.


Dec. 18th, 2010 08:10 pm
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--this is not capslock for the leading up bit: a few days ago someone on Sounis linked to a contest for signed books and in the comments they wanted you to name your favorite literary thief and I was like, "man, how many literary thieves can I even think of at one time, especially when Gen is stuck in my head and won't go away," so I wrote down Eugenides and George from Song of the Lioness, BUT AS OF THIS LAST PLANE RIDE, WE CAN TOTALLY ADD GED TO THAT LIST, BECAUSE HE IS SMOKIN

I mean because he is a kickass awesome hilarious sexily confident and mature and willing to accept help and head over heels for *coughcough* and oh man the people on my plane must have hated me SO MUCH as I giggled my way through The Tombs of Atuan but it was SO GOOD but I had to take a break before reading The Farthest Shore I think I will do that on the plane ride back.

but shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii The Tombs of Atuan I think if I can one day achieve the kind of writing that is a blend of LeGuin, Whalen Turner, and McKinley, my life will be complete.


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1) what I don't even

2) lol I am not trying to distract myself with DA fic nosiree not me

image below cut

seriously, what I don't even )
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So, normally I don't post my own fic here, but this one, well, I want to post it wherever I can, and that amounts to about four places, one of them being here, so, well, there you go. This wiki entry and this one sort of give you an idea of the general things surrounding this specific story; it helps to know that the character you play in Dragon Age is a Grey Warden, which is an order of people who drink darkspawn blood in order to be able to kill archdemons, taking the taint and mastering it, at least for a little while.

Anyway, here is my fic; hope you enjoy it.

Title: Legend
Author: Jade Sabre
Summary: The Warden and Andraste; a study in light.
Notes: This was originally going to be my entry for the "legendary" lightning round at the [livejournal.com profile] dao_challenge LJ community, but I quickly realized I wouldn't be able to do it in fifteen minutes. Try two hours and fifteen minutes. Anyway, I have to acknowledge a few influences on this piece:

1) The fic "But A Sword," by tjadis, which has been lingering in the back of my head in its own beautiful way,
2) The novel The King's Rose, by Alisa Libby, which is an absolutely fantastic character study of Catherine Howard, fifth wife of Henry VIII, and
3) The fic "Deathsong," by LoquaciousQuark, which is an excellent Bleach fic (I'm not in the fandom, but there's nothing a little wiki-ing can't help you with), as well as some of her other fic, as well as her general outlook on life.

This was written to "Farewell," the final track on the Pocahontas soundtrack, on repeat, and reads pretty well with it.

The quotes from the Chant I obtained from the Dragon Age wiki.

A little piece of my heart went into this; I'd love to read your reviews.

Disclaimer: Dragon Age belongs to the brilliant people at Bioware.

Leliana calls the Warden a sunflower, and it is not far from the truth. )

WIP meme

Oct. 23rd, 2010 04:42 pm
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When you see this, post an excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

Since [livejournal.com profile] spellcoats was nice enough to tell you things about her WIPs, I suppose I will at least tell you fandom, unlike last time, when I just let you guess.

Also, these excerpts are longish. Oops.

(p.s. I have 24 files open right now. Some of them are also the same as last time. Oops.)

(p.p.s. I have spent at least half an hour on this, when I could have been...WRITING.)

(p.p.p.s. oh damn I forgot to include this one.)

(p.p.p.p.s. I am doing NaNo this year! I'm just not touching the forums. Except maybe to use the Fantasy Dare thread to jog my juices.)

fanfic that will probably never be finished, but has salvageable parts
most of these are RPG-related )

fic I will probably finish one day but it is taking a while
these are also RPG-related )

these are not )

original works
somehow I forgot I was writing this one )

all of these are from NaNo projects, oops )
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I have a peach cobbler in the oven! We shall...see how this goes. The batter for the topping was kind of thin and I have no idea if it was supposed to be. WE SHALL SEE HOW THIS GOES.

so this is not my best work, maybe, but here it is anyway: a brief and somewhat poetical description of my DA playthrough. Commentary on actual game stuff and potential picspam to come later. I shall say, though, that I am 100% at peace with my decisions, and that actually, I really loved the outcome.

eta: COBBLER IS OUT OF THE OVEN, AND COBBLER-Y LOOKING-AND-SMELLING. still too hot to taste. sudden important thought: do we have vanilla ice cream?

sing to me, o muse )
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I say to myself, Self, you ought to write the Lay of Laemira, and sing her praises, and let everyone know just what kind of ridonkulous playthrough you had hint: you suspect very few people go the route you did ever, let alone on their first try. It's more a completionist route than anything else.

And then I move from my PC to my laptop and in my head Morrigan espies a drunken Alistair, and then Quark is sleeping, and an hour hour and half later I have two three pages written, and help.

oh wait I think it finished itself, oh good.

...Jak I completely blame you for my love of this trope. IT IS CERTAINLY JAK'S FAULT, AND NOT MY INNATE LOVE OF KIDFIC.
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that I just bought Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex but SEEING AS I AM DOWN TO ONE (1) ARCHDEMON IN DRAGON AGE and REALLY OUGHT TO BEAT IT BEFORE I SWITCH FANDOMS ON MYSELF I have NOT YET BEGUN TO READ IT, even though the book flap includes some line about EMBARRASSING LOVE CONFESSIONS TO A FIESTY LEPRECON CAPTAIN and I MIGHT HAVE DONE A LITTLE DANCE IN THE LINE AT BOOKS-A-MILLION (and Goose, to her credit, stamped her feet when I let her read it).


(in other news: [livejournal.com profile] jakia, I finally finished the Alistair smooch fic I was working on for you! Now it just needs, uh. Polishing and posting. Um. Yeah. Yay I finished something!)
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Jade: morrigan
always by herself
uh oh
i just
don't want to have this conversation
at all
Quark: i somehow feel it is quite unavoidable
Jade: oh

spoilers of the hilarious kind )
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so I've played through the Landsmeet, now, and I won't get to play again until next Monday probably, so now I will put on some reflective music (post about that later?) and reflect!

alert! lots and lots of meta follows. Also, my perspective on some of the following stuff might change once I beat the game; we'll see what happens.

on Laemira )

on being an elf )

on being a mage )

on Landsmeet, and Laemira's decision )

on the Teyrn of Gwaren and his daughter )

on Alistair's character )

on the romance )

SO BASICALLY, IN SUMMARY: I love this game, a lot, because it gives me so many options and so many things to think about and doodle with in my brain (and Zevran! I...think I love him more than Alistair. My feelings towards Alistair are complicated these days, as you um. Might have noticed), and because it's really, really good at sucking you in and making you feel a part of what's going on, and I should probably just hurry up and join the fandom and post these thoughts, which have probably been said before, in one of their comms, shouldn't I. OH WELL. I HAVE COUSINS TO BABYSIT AND AN ARCHDEMON TO DEFEAT AND FIC TO BETA. Time to go to bed.
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1) did anyone else actually love all three of the POTC movies? I mean, I'll admit the second one drags and the third one is ridiculously convoluted, but I love the ridiculous convolutedness, and the way the stories turn out, even though Norrington's problems all stemmed solely from the fact that the writers decided to screw him over. I just. Really love the canon.

2) apartment searching is the pits and we are going to be homeless and broke and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.


also like, dude, I played through the female city elf opening just for kicks, and dude, I was actually furious. Like, yelling at my computer screen, wanting to punch a pillow angry. So well-done, but ARGH.

also I love the fact that as an elf you can hate on humans all day long in the dialogue options. No human-curious Dalish elf for me! I KILLED AN ARL'S SON, BITCH.

(quark: and you were telling me about all the terrible things he's doing and I was like, oh God, I think--I think I freed him.)

4) why are custom mood themes so much effort. I don't waaaaaaaanna get a photobucket. That being said, my new layout/theme pleases me greatly. I just want to play "Part of Your World" on repeat and cry contemplate things.

5) All of the movies on TCM today are about, like, unrequited love and the crazy things women will do to overcome it. Thanks, TCM. Thanks a lot.

anyway, back to gathering up the nerve to call people. w-wish me luck?

lawlz fic

Jul. 15th, 2010 01:02 am
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1) Year-old Zutara fic! Woo!

2) this line will not leave me alone:
"I am a mage, Alistair. And they wish to make you king."

/angsts all over everything with her tiny broken heart

3) RASHAKA, YOUR FIC IS LANGUISHING ON MY HARD DRIVE, BECAUSE ZUKO'S VOICE FLED MY HEAD AND REFUSED TO RETURN. I am marathoning season 1 on Saturday, though, so hopefully I will be able to finish it.
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Alternative Title: Gone to Ferelden, brb.

three days ago
Jade: Lo, Dragon Age Origins is on sale! I shall purchase it for under thirty dollars! [livejournal.com profile] jakia's fanfics will finally make sense to me! Praise the...Maker? Is that the deity in this game?

an hour later
Jade: Finally! It has loaded on my computer! ...what do you mean, I'm missing a DirectX file? What kind of deity is this Maker guy anyway?

only good things can follow! )

last time, we played canasta )

so I've been here for seven and a half hours... )

more recent quips )

omg this game. Runs so much better on her machine. But I don't even care. It is so good, and I am so happy it is in my life.


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