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(also WP is on his way to his post office RIGHT NOW to pick up the ring. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.)
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oh well i have it on my phone
this conversation is weirdly long and involved
i type it ALL

[IT STARTS with her telling me to eat before having any serious conversations with WP]

jade: Ha ha ha. I told him I slept in late because I might need the extra energy for inkpot throwing. But you are right. Besides, there's still like five and a half hours before he comes home.

quark: Oh. Yes. Well then. Warn him to guard his right hand, just in case.

jade: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA luckily I do not think he actually has a saber. ...brb now I have to go check.

quark: Hahaha. Hey, you can be flexible. Kitching knives, butter knives, rusty shivs...

jade: oooooooo shivs. That's quite brilliant.

quark: You may thank my vast and encyclopedic knowledge of prison movies. Which is comprised solely of shawshank redemption.

jade: Hahahahahahahahahaha oh man I haven't even seen that one all the way. Or even a little bit. Oops.

quark: I have seen it twice. See: encoclypedic knowledge.

jade: Ah yes, clearly that is enough to catch all the nuances.

quark: And more they DIDN'T EVEN INTEND.

jade: OSNAP. clearly you are a prison MASTER.


jade: /is shot

quark: That sounds so dirty.

jade: Exactly. /lightning'd

quark: A bolt from the blue! (Not superman)

jade: ...Wonder Woman?

quark: Idk. apparently she's super into b**** HahahahHAHAHAHA SPEECH TO TEXT CENSORS BONDAGE


quark: Let's see what else! b**** sex sexy kinky b*** s*** f*** damn it dom sub relationship
quark: bastard b**
quark: The B ones, by the way, are bondage, bdsm, and bitch

jade: What's the four-letter b word?

quark: I KNOW. Letters!
quark: Also I am whispering these so quietly I'm surprised it can hear it

jade: It's impressive on so many levels. Like who even thought about that, much less to censor it?

quark: ...i got that text four times.
jade: sorry thi WHAT IS THIS

I did not actually say that she said that I think what I said was my phone told me my text didn’t send, except apparently it did, and then I told her that clumsy!Hawke was making my day and apparently that distracted her. I am not sure if this conversation had a funnier conclusion! So we’ll just leave Quark’s distracted shock as a testament to her short attention span.

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[livejournal.com profile] crisium_rising gave me a meme! So, since Quark is sleeping in her room and thus cutting me off from my DA2 fix (and my screenshots, thus making it difficult for me to show you the hot mess that is Thistle Hawke), I am going to do it!

(Also I should talk about DA2. I kind of love it. On the other hand, I have two full pages of notes about Thistle, because I cannot nail down her character. Sarcastic with the people she likes! Aggressive with everyone else! Supremely confident in her magic! Cocky! Rich! Beautiful! Might be falling in love with Anders, definitely wants to rip Isabela's pants off*! But what is the underlying motivation? *weeps*)

(*Note: Isabela does not actually wear pants.)

Anyway, the meme.

1. Reply to this post with "UNICORNS", and I will pick five of your icons.

2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.

3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.

4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee

This is an updated version of one of the first icons [livejournal.com profile] loquaciousquark ever made! From the School Time Shipping (STS)(so close to STDS) (thanks Mike and Bryan) episode, where Katara says smell ya later to Jet and Haru and Zuko and goes off with...the Blue Spirit. Who is actually Zuko. But Zuko's busy going AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH and I just love his expression and the way his jaw is just hitting the ground with sheer DO NOT WANT.

Spoilers follow, but nothing that would ruin the books. Mostly it is cut because MY SHIPS, I HAVE FEELINGS ABOUT THEM. FEELINGS.

er, anyway, that's my Artemis Fowl icon. /cough

I have a lot of Issues with Enchanted, but omg Amy Adams is adorable, and also this icon basically encapsulates my reaction to a lot of things. In a step-by-step sort of way. SQUEE.

EVERYONE ALWAYS ASKS ABOUT THIS ICON oh man I haven't used it in ages but okay okay so anything [livejournal.com profile] aspectabund does involving the Queen's Thief books is just about guaranteed to make me a) laugh b) cry c) explode and this post is no different. I...can't really explain if you haven't read the books. But. There you go. Gen's having a bad day.

THIS IS THE ONLY ICON I HAVE EVER MADE and I made it because I desperately needed a Dragon Age icon. This is the expression Morrigan makes when you tell her that she is going to get to fight Loghain at the Landsmeet. She does a dance. It is so sarcastic and oh joy and I laughed so hard the first time I did it. And Morrigan is, I believe, my absolute favorite character from DAO. I could write about her ALL THE TIME. She's just so complex and vulnerable and tough and her friendship storyline with f!Warden is so AWESOME and EPIC and satisfying that when she leaves at the end you're actually sad...

...unless you're my boyfriend, who was all "I hate Morrigan" and "Alistair sucks."* On the other hand, he apparently just took his character into the Deep Roads by himself. Just for the sake of being a dwarf, walking around the Deep Roads. I. Don't always understand him.

*well if you would not leave him in the armor he was wearing at the start of the game...

anyway as far as RL goes WP and I are still the best thing since indoor plumbing (what? I rank that above sliced bread any day) and Quark and I have seen each others' optic nerves so we are ~*~closer than ever~*~ and she really needs to get her butt out of bed so I can PLAY THE GAME ALREADY. UGH.

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Jade: morrigan
always by herself
uh oh
i just
don't want to have this conversation
at all
Quark: i somehow feel it is quite unavoidable
Jade: oh

spoilers of the hilarious kind )
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omg Talladega Nights was FRICKIN' HILARIOUS

also now Casablanca is on
mmmm Claude Rains

times i have punched quark in the face: 1
times quark has played "this little piggy" with my toes: 1
times i have discovered twincest fic on quark's laptop for her viewing pleasure: 1
times quark has protested to this post: 1000000000000



it is epic and awesome though

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if my roommate ever sees this, she will despair. in fact, judging by the tone of her email, she's already despairing, but, you know, I tried?

anyway [livejournal.com profile] rashaka posted this and it is literally my life for the past week. Down to the hour on the clock in the last picture. I feel better knowing other people do the same thing...and worse knowing that it never goes away. OH WELL AT LEAST I AM PREPARED.

/what do you mean, why are you on the internet when you have stuff to do.
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1) even though it has a ridiculous gangsta line of nonsense, I still love this song, and the video is really cute:

2) Becca and I still aren't really sure what this is, other than LOVE:


Apr. 3rd, 2010 12:52 pm
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so this morning my friend Nessa linked me to this: Our fourth annual Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest drew more than 1,100 sugar-inspired entries, all of which are worth looking at.

but whenever I think of Peeps I of course think of this:

time to go pick a poem!
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for everyone whose parents didn't think the Muppets were too liberal, but also for people whose parents thought they were.

epic music video is epic )

and while we're at it )
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I'm not even sure how I feel about this at this point, but

Patrick Swayze passed away today.

...oh and RPattz and KStew are engaged making out in front of large groups of people? That actually almost cheers me up.

Also there is a fire and God only knows what else going on outside the window.

[insert profanity about Plato here]


son of adam edit: THIS THREAD CONTAINS SO MUCH WIN no matter what Quark says.
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from pictures for sad children:

things I am tempted to do: print this out and pin it up in the break room
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um um um crap y'all it's been four days so I'm running of what I can remember with minimal help (trying to avoid reading too many other reviews so that I can still write one) so if this seems completely WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT, it's because I'm ADD.

Also, just so you know, [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda did a much more succinct review that I pretty much agree with in its entirety, and also I commented a few times around the post, and so you could bounce around there or read this (or, if you're obsessed like me, do both!).

acting! )

directing, and general feel of the film )

Okay, time for some ranting! Let's see, what were my original complaints...

with the exception of one needless, pointless, stupid scene in the middle, the regular casting fail, some upsetting dialogue changes, and the fact that the last scene cut me to the core in a typical Steve-Kloves-is-a-bitch way


Snape, Snape, Severus Snape, Snape, Snape, Severus Snape (Dumbledore!) )

And let the record say that I did call him an ass )

So, in summary: as I watched the movie, I loved it, aside from a few minor quibbles, and I thought that overall they did a great job capturing a lot of the stuff--but after the movie was over, especially after watching the last two or three scenes, I felt the absence of Snape and the obnoxiousness of Steve Kloves's screenplay writing (which had so many high moments in this film--at least he's learned how to adapt books?) and it's really just bringing me down.

Will probably go see it again, though.

SO WHAT DID EVERYONE ELSE THINK. Also if you wrote a review I may not have read it yet, so remind me.

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is to show off this icon.  Because [livejournal.com profile] styromgalleries is a genius, and this was the best thing to wake up ever.
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So I owe y'all a real update! But I'm procrastinating on packing and really should stop doing that. So, two things.

1. MEME. Comment, and I'll do an insta-drabble ficlet thing, prompted from whatever icon you use. Or if you don't have an icon for what you want just give me a random prompt. You may see examples of my previous work on this meme here.


Um. Is it sad that Animal and I know the same set of lyrics to this song?

...actually this performance pretty much mirrors my own way of singing this song.
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Everyone should check out the Gmail login page today.  And the Google search page.  And all the links contained on this page.

oh Google.  Please never be evil.

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I am not quite sure who wrote this article, but I find the whole thing oddly endearing.

Highlights include:

"Marrying into the Marx lawyers family of Converted Jews to Christianity"

"On paying debts and getting deceased Mother´s money"

"Let us say a few short words on the evolution of German Socialism till 1875 , after Jewish General German Workers Association, ADAV, (Allgemeiner Deutscher Arbeiterverein), Leader Ferdinand Lassalle died on a duel against ] on 31 August 1864 as stated above. There were succession disputes in Germany leading at the end to the creation, or evolution, towards what is described from then on as SPD."

"Nearby, not far away, former Russian KGB and FSB agent, Russian State Security Services, Alexander Valterovich Litvinenko, (Russian: Алекса́ндр Ва́льтерович Литвине́нко) (30 August 1962 – assassinated 23 November 2006, aged 44), later a Russian dissident and writer rests for ever in English civilized soil, (Polonium radiation external contamination shielding provided).

British roses at dawn, grass keeping fees and flowers memory from all sorts of ordinary people, need money too. You live however for as long as people remembers you, (old proverbe)."

and of course, a final tribute:

"Even though she came from a wealthy family, she stood by Karl's side throughout their life in poverty, as traditional couples did many years ago. In the end of almost every month she had to mortgage her china, from her family, or her tablecloths, but who cares ?. A birth certificate implies soon or later a death certificate also, (God Willing).

Selfish male Karl, family loving Karl, illuminated Karl, are all there, under the London rainy and wet ground, perhaps for ever.

Life is always on the going."
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should I post it, or will she?


Feb. 3rd, 2009 11:22 am
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I'm pretty sure I just saw a commercial for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups using "Jupiter" as the music.  In which the words appeared in conjunction with accented notes in the music.

On a completely different note, the last few chapters of the Monologion are completely crazy, but there is something pretty impressive about that last chapter, where Anselm unveils the final step:  this supreme nature we've been talking about...is GOD.  There's just such a sense of relief that he finally sits down and says what he's been working towards since chapter one.

edited to add:  this link from [livejournal.com profile] metaquotes .  For the two married Amandas on my list, along with anyone who can sympathy with the "writer/programmer" ship.

yet another edit:  I am so frickin' sick of these "high fructose corn syrup is just the same as sugar and is fine in moderation!" commercials.  Apparently I missed the earlier campaign of "OMG HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP IS OF THE DEVIL!!1!" commercials.  But regardless of its health implications (on the subject of which I am fuzzy), the fact that such a high percentage of our food relies on one product (i.e. corn) for its base means that if a corn blight comes we'll be worse off than Ireland during the potato famine.

Also, Coke tastes better with regular sugar.  Which is clearly the most important issue of all.

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this little patriotic gem comes our way via [livejournal.com profile] keestone, because she is awesome and finds stuff like this for our personal amusement.

omg I don't have a Muppets icon. *makes note to remedy*

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ANGERS, 14 décembre 2008--Le soldat Aristogiton n'a pensé qu'une blague pour son ami.

"Il est trop stressé par notre travail comme soldat," il a éxpliqué aux pompiers, qui l'avaient trouveé en utilisant une serviette pour battre contre des chiens.  Il a volé cette serviette de son ami Costis, qui était en train de prendre une douche.  Mais quand il s'est enfui de l'immeuble, il a decouvert les chiens qui gardent le batîment des soldats.  Une témoine a appelé les pompiers au même moment que les autres soldats sont arrivés, grâce au bruit.  Ils ont rétourné les chiens à leur niche.  Les pompiers sont arrivés, et Aristogiton a decouvert qu'il avait été blessé par un chien. Les pomiers l'ont guéri, mais malheureusement, la serviette a été mangée par un chien.

"Il est vraiment bête," a dit Teleus, le capitaine du regiment.  "Mais amusant, comme même."

Costis, qui a réfusé d'ouvrir sa porte, n'avait rien dire.  Aristogiton a promis de chercher une nouvelle serviette quand il n'a plus de mal.


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