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tonight I am listening to the Brahms Requiem.

I talked about it here, back after I'd sung it my senior year of college.

In that post, [livejournal.com profile] philia_fan and I had a conversation about it, and she said she was partial to the third movement which, completely coincidentally, is the movement I am on right now.

I am listening to it in her honor.

I found out today that she died on Tuesday. Dr. C. and Wildcat were with her. It was peaceful--no pain, just tiredness.

I've never eulogized anyone and all my attempts have been terrible and failed to capture how awesome Philia was and how many things she'd done in her life (sung fantastic pieces of music, studied linguistics, helped fellow writers, was involved in the World of Theatre, as it were, and Aikido, and Bettine) that I only knew through the snippets she told us about; how her advice in my journal was nearly always timely and wonderfully empathetic; how even through these last few months she's still been going to Aikido and tinkering with writing. I had the pleasure and fun of meeting her for about an hour in Boston two years ago, and we had a great time hanging out and talking about books and Boston, and--she will be missed.

And. well. thank you, internet friends. Sometimes it is hard to explain to other people how I know you, but I know that my life is all the better for having y'all in it. I love you. thank you for being you.

requiem aeterna dona eis domine
et lux perpetua luceat eis
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...there only seems to be one vid with this song on it and I cannot currently listen to make sure it is right, I will edit it in later.

Anyway just flew over the Rockies I think HERE HAVE A PICTURE:


now it is cloudy outside my window alas.

anyway I just uh. Thought I'd record this moment. As my legs slowly fall asleep from having been on the plane for two and a half hours. WHEE.

(I love flying so much I almost always end up singing "The King Shall Come" and "How Great Thou Art" to myself in my head because THE WORLD, YOU GUYS, IT IS SO FRICKING COOL.)

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Goose just finished Rebel Angels and now she is reading The Sweet Far Thing and she keeps asking me questions that just supports my suspicion that I need to reread that trilogy. Oops!

I showed the SyFy Alice to Quark and she liked it! I got to be ~*~mysterious~*~ and withhold information from her, which drives her crazy, because she likes to know she won't be disappointed and I don't believe in spoilers. THIS IS WHY WE ARE BEST FRIENDS: ULTIMATE COMPATIBILITY.

books other people got me )

other things I got, or, One Day I Will Master the 'List' Instead of the 'Block Paragraph' )

Anyway let's see OH I also saw Tangled with my sisters, anyone want to discuss? I know Jak did over at her LJ. I should do that.

OH OH OH I FINISHED ARIEL'S CHRISTMAS PRESENT but I can't share it with y'all yet because she hasn't read it I am THE MOST IMPATIENT FOR THIS TO HAPPEN stupid houses with no internet. BUT I THINK IT TURNED OUT OKAY I mention this also because like I have two more plot bunnies alongside the two I still have to write alongside the OTHER two I still have to write and they are all Dragon Age fic. Anyway we haven't unlocked Office on this computer because I hate Office 2010 with a fiery passion and just want my Word 2007 or whatever installed. Whichever one doesn't involve those stupid tabs at the top. This might seem neurotic, but you know, some people have to have unlined paper, others have to have fancy pens, some people like their netbooks, I want my old Word back. IT'S PART OF THE CREATIVE PROCESS, OKAY. I WANT TIMES NEW ROMAN, SINGLE-SPACED, NO STUPID GAPS BETWEEN PARAGRAPHS, THAT IS ONLY FOR THE INTERNET.

oh my goodness, first world problems.

There has been a lot of Bailey's in my life over the past say half of a week, so...lakhen? saba? thīke? IT WOULD HELP IF I KNEW HOW TO SPELL THESE WORDS. I will be back to you with the proper spelling. I'm 90% sure it ends with "saba thīka hai." (Anyone on my flist speak Hindi? Anyone?) (Apparently the alphabet is really easy to learn?) (This is one of my goals in life.)

I think it is time for a new layout. Suggestions? Themes it would make you happy to see every time you wandered over to my journal? I'M TAKING THEM.


Sep. 10th, 2010 04:49 am
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mostly to tell you that [livejournal.com profile] bifemmefatale's daughter has been found, so yay internet and yay finding people!

also apparently it is my bedtime. Oops.

in the meantime, I am mildly obsessed with this song/music video, partly because I find Rihanna's involvement in the song an interesting choice on her part and partly because Dominic Monaghan (OMG HOBBIT) is smokin' and partly because well I kind of like Megan Fox (I have only seen her in Jennifer's Body, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and in which she holds her own), and partly because it feels smart to me, and partly because...idk, the same reason I turned the prompt "katara, games" into this:

it's a hop, a skip, and a jump, stringless puppets and cruel smiles curling in on themselves, blood boiling in one and bending in another, and she picks the teams and makes the rules and sets the limits and she always, always wins, and she hates this game more than any other.

the end.

also last night I had a dream about my boss giving us a lecture, as she is wont to do, and woke up only to go through it again in reality, and another dream about the guy I am consciously getting over but try telling my subconscious that, in which I deeply betrayed his trust, and just wanted to hurl myself into the wall.

just gonna stand there and watch me burn
well that's all right
i like the way it hurts

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I have so much to talk about you guys between books I've read and movies I've watched and MY JOB IS AWESOME AND I LOVE EVERYTHING SO MUCH but this post is about [livejournal.com profile] bifemmefatale, whose daughter has gone missing in IL.

just passing along the word.
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1) I read Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex, and I don't have nearly as much to say about it as I did about The Time Paradox. This is not to say I didn't enjoy it; I laughed at least once a page, because Colfer was playing fast and loose with hilarious dialogue and hilarious side characters and even point of view--often he would describe something with a particularly nice turn of phrase, and in the next line have the current POV character think something along the lines of if I'm saying things like that, I must be suffering from oxygen deprivation. The writing and the plot were much, much tighter than TP, like you could really feel his growth as a writer and the editor's steady hand working upon the novel.

That being said, it was almost too short; it felt, like A Conspiracy of Kings, as if we were being handed an incident full of important information that would unfold in the denouement, packaged within an entertaining adventure, letting us spend time with all of our favorite characters but really just setting the pieces for some grander showdown in the future. (Hint: All the even-numbered books in the series have involved Opal Koboi, and the next, allegedly final, book is going to be number 8, if you can imagine it.) I loved seeing Holly and JULIET yay Juliet and Butler and Mulch and Foaly (out of his element!) and Artemis again, and they were all wonderful, and at the end of the book I wanted--more. There were so many little things that still needed exploring--not that the book doesn't tie together, but rather that things are changing and we're stopped before everything really starts rushing to a head.

I do take issue with the fact that Artemis is allegedly celebrating his fifteenth birthday at the beginning of the story, because he was fifteen back in The Lost Colony. Of course, my dad pointed out to me that the target audience of this series is probably still 12-14-year-old boys, despite the fact that the series is ten years old and those of us who were twelve when we started reading are now twenty-two and still shipping Holly/Artemis like burning. And the series has grown up, too, though perhaps not as noticeably as say Harry Potter; the central themes in The Time Paradox were certainly older, perhaps in some ways too old for a fourteen-year-old to grasp; it's one thing to read about a character reflecting on personal change and growth and the choices you make to get there, and quite another to really have a grasp on how that's happened in your life. And the humor has gotten a bit more complex too (see: I-see-what-you-did-with-that-POV), even if Mulch is still around for the fart jokes.

Anyway, it was a fantastic little yarn, but mostly I am just impatient for the next one.


2) I rewatched Music and Lyrics the other night, the cute little rom-com with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant that Malone and I started watching at home one night, got about thirty seconds into the music video, and stopped and waited until Mom was around to watch it with us. The whole theme of creation and music isn't as deep as the theme of creation and writing is in Stranger Than Fiction--this is a rom -com, after all--but what impressed me this time around was Hugh Grant's acting job. He is very...adult, in this film--he knows where he is in his life and he's comfortable with who he is and what he's doing, and I especially liked that he is a musician, and he shows it--in quiet little ways, like the way he sits down at the piano in his apartment or in the store, like it's something he's infinitely familiar with. And even though he's "just" a pop music star, he writes his own stuff--he knows how music works, knows how to put it together, and it's all just...there. I just...really liked his character, and thought he did an understatedly phenomenal job of playing it.

3) I started rewatching Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon last night but stopped right before the final battle because I was pretty sure I wouldn't make it through without sobbing and because I needed to go to bed (woe, the adult schedule).

musing on the movie )

4) I have started reading The Demon's Lexicon because the library had it (and the sequel), but I am apparently Not In the Mood. Partially because I am reading a book called The Wall of Fame and it contains some truly atrocious metaphors that ought to be taken behind the publishing house and shot repeatedly, and partially because I have trouble getting into "tough" characters like Nick, and mostly because reading about Nick and Alan makes me think about Felix and Mildmay and, well, Felix and Mildmay are a really, REALLY hard fictional brotherly relationship to beat. Like, nigh-impossible. Especially after Corambis and their exchange of brotherly affection. (FELIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIX MILDMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY I JUST WANT YOU BOTH TO BE HAPPY FOREVER AND I FEEL LIKE IT IS OBTAINABLE AND THIS JUST OVERWHELMS ME WITH RELIEF, I LOVE YOU BOTH SO HARD.)

(yes, Jade just said she loved Felix. It--sometimes these things happen.)

gems from aforementioned Atrocious Metaphor Book )

5) To end on a positive note: I made myself dinner and ate it and now am full of food! My fish is still alive! (His name is Ron, for those interested. My first dog was named Fred, and then one of my sisters got a gerbil and named it George, and our first betta fish was named Percy, and I think another gerbil was named Charlie, so...he is red and beautiful and I will post pictures.) My apartment is an utter mess! Ingrid Michaelson writes beautiful songs! Quark drew the picture that was in my head because she is awesome! [livejournal.com profile] crisium_rising writes THE MOST AMAZING Dragon Age fanfic ever! The libraries here have BOTH Virtu and Mirador (I literally gasped when I turned the corner and saw them both in their hardbacked glory on their shelf) AND they have lots of [livejournal.com profile] sartorias's novels (I brought home A Posse of Princesses and am.very excited about reading it! My books fit on the bookshelf! My apartment door locks! There are trees and mountains around!

Life is good. :-)
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I have a peach cobbler in the oven! We shall...see how this goes. The batter for the topping was kind of thin and I have no idea if it was supposed to be. WE SHALL SEE HOW THIS GOES.

so this is not my best work, maybe, but here it is anyway: a brief and somewhat poetical description of my DA playthrough. Commentary on actual game stuff and potential picspam to come later. I shall say, though, that I am 100% at peace with my decisions, and that actually, I really loved the outcome.

eta: COBBLER IS OUT OF THE OVEN, AND COBBLER-Y LOOKING-AND-SMELLING. still too hot to taste. sudden important thought: do we have vanilla ice cream?

sing to me, o muse )
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if my roommate ever sees this, she will despair. in fact, judging by the tone of her email, she's already despairing, but, you know, I tried?

anyway [livejournal.com profile] rashaka posted this and it is literally my life for the past week. Down to the hour on the clock in the last picture. I feel better knowing other people do the same thing...and worse knowing that it never goes away. OH WELL AT LEAST I AM PREPARED.

/what do you mean, why are you on the internet when you have stuff to do.
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1) did anyone else actually love all three of the POTC movies? I mean, I'll admit the second one drags and the third one is ridiculously convoluted, but I love the ridiculous convolutedness, and the way the stories turn out, even though Norrington's problems all stemmed solely from the fact that the writers decided to screw him over. I just. Really love the canon.

2) apartment searching is the pits and we are going to be homeless and broke and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.


also like, dude, I played through the female city elf opening just for kicks, and dude, I was actually furious. Like, yelling at my computer screen, wanting to punch a pillow angry. So well-done, but ARGH.

also I love the fact that as an elf you can hate on humans all day long in the dialogue options. No human-curious Dalish elf for me! I KILLED AN ARL'S SON, BITCH.

(quark: and you were telling me about all the terrible things he's doing and I was like, oh God, I think--I think I freed him.)

4) why are custom mood themes so much effort. I don't waaaaaaaanna get a photobucket. That being said, my new layout/theme pleases me greatly. I just want to play "Part of Your World" on repeat and cry contemplate things.

5) All of the movies on TCM today are about, like, unrequited love and the crazy things women will do to overcome it. Thanks, TCM. Thanks a lot.

anyway, back to gathering up the nerve to call people. w-wish me luck?
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so today I was grumpy and hungry and tired and having to drive the van and not even sure the van would run/not blow up on me, and I got in and switched on the radio, and lo and behold, what should be playing but

song one )

and then it was followed by

song two )

and as if the radio knew I was having a particularly bad day it ended on

song three )

probably because my radio loves me or something.

okay so after that it was commercials and I switched and ended up hearing this song and went wow, now I feel twelve again, kay.

(my physical therapist and I were discussing songs the other day while I was lying on my stomach trying to convince my thigh muscle to contract and then lift, and she was like "yeah, [song] always makes me think of a bar...where I was the only person under fifty. Yeah, not a good memory." She is adorable and I love her.)

p.s. I should really post graduation pics and update y'all about my life because stuff has happened. One Of These Days.

p.p.s. oil is gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. oil is gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. and I'm eight hours north of it and even I feel neglected. I can only imagine what the people at the beaches feel like.

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but better late than never, right?

A friend of mine had Tom Wolfe speak at her graduation, and she will always remember it because he went from studies about monkeys having sex to Wernher Von Braun in approximately 1.5 seconds. I was lucky enough to have Brian Williams, and I will remember him for other reasons, which I am sharing with you here:

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1) The phrase "end[ing] manned spaceflight."

2) Grainy Footage of Underwater Leaking Oil Pipe

3) The phrase "out of ideas."


May. 20th, 2010 03:08 pm
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So I'm back home, yay! Sitting in my favorite locally-owned coffee shop sucking down fruit tea, yay! Staring at my AmeriCorps application with a great deal of trepidation. I am dumb. Avoiding it by making this post! This is not my graduation post; this is my "what should I read this summer?" post.

SO basically the idea is hit me with a book you think I should have read in college, and if I haven't read it, I will add it to my list. Hint: my list already includes The Great Gatsby, Jane Eyre, and Huckleberry Finn.

I will probably talk more about actual graduation and thoughts about what I want to do with my life later but since I am being all avoidance-y I should keep this short.

Also if I missed any important/amusing posts from the last week and you think I should read them, link me.

Also if I have the entire plot of an approximately 20K-word Katara-centric Ursa-related ATLA fic, should I write it?

p.s. I did not call myself dumb that was Malone stealing my computer.
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1) So, in the song "Bad Romance," which I love a lot and which you should listen to, she repeats the line "I don't wanna be friends" multiple times.

Having listened to the song, do you think this line refers to
a) the fact that she wanted a solely sexual relationship
b) the fact that they are friends but she wants to be more?

I am doing an informal poll, and your input is welcome.

2) I wrote my Nietzsche paper in an hour (literally) and then lo and behold my knee started going all crazy on me and my good knee started tickling and so I ended up emailing the paper in and sitting on my futon with an ice pack, WOE.

3) I have grown very attached to this cover of Coldplay's "The Scientist," in a "I listen to this over and over again and want to write."

4) Speaking of writing, this is me NOT starting my post-season-3 Katara fic that I spent three hours plotting the other night with [livejournal.com profile] nessismore. (Y'all, I hit all the plot points. I even, like, made decisions, where normally I just keep changing it over and over in my head--I had to pick and go.) I really ought to go ahead and get the prologue down before I forget it.

5) I haven't talked about my life in forever, but I haven't really had any crazy adventures or done anything particularly fun lately. I mean, I've had fun, but I've also had a lot of long conversations that amount to "I am screwed once I leave this institution," and that's just not much fun to talk about.

6) A Room with a View is up on YouTube in its entirety, JUST SAYING, if you want to celebrate mah birfday the way I will be celebrating it. (Singing along to "O Mio Babbino Caro" is optional but encouraged. Bonus points if you can do a crazy operatic soprano not-glissando between those two syllables of "bello.")

7) Sophos's face is up, and it is appropriately pretty.

8) Idk, is there anything y'all want to hear about from me?

9) I took Pictash into the creative writing club and they liked him! (He is the singer in this post.)

10) As for that icon meme everyone's been doing, here's my answers from September. (Not!surprise: my answers are mostly the same.)

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so! to clear up any confusion, biopsy turned into synovectomy but they only took out the part of my synovium that was causing problems, so HOPEFULLY once I'm all better from having stitches in my leg I will be really all better. Shirley the scooter is mine until May, though, so, uh, THINGS I WILL BE USING TO GET TO THE LIBRARY.

Am still laid up, but on ibuprofen today and so feeling less grumpy and more human. Which, alas, means I ought to actually do some homework today, woe.

Also I started posting a new fanfic about a month ago. Um, you don't have to know the storyline to follow it, at least I don't think so? Anyway it is called Falling Slowly and I wrote it like over a year ago but, uh, if anyone feels like reading something I've written that's actually complete, well, there you have it.

Time to go read the last fifty pages of A Room with a View, then reread bits of The Voyage Out, then start looking at actual criticism, le sigh...
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done with surgery. am now really frustrated because I cannot grump to my friends as much as I can grump to my family, and my family is not here now, so I have to be civil but I DON'T WANNA. plz stop standing over me but at the same time don't leave me alone. urgh. *grouch*

to make up for grouchiness, HIT ME WITH THIS SO HARD (and I'll get back to those other memes tomorrow too):

Pick one of my stories and I will tell you the first line of its sequel. Even if I was never actually planning to write a sequel. Even if it already has a sequel -- I'll give you the first line of another version of its sequel!

my fic can be found in my memories and on ff.net

bedtime I think.
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Just FYI, I suppose, I have four threads up:

1) Lightning round, offering drabbles: http://community.livejournal.com/help_haiti/2706.html?thread=394130#t394130

2) Auction, one fanfic 1,000-2,500, pick a fandom: http://community.livejournal.com/help_haiti/1823.html?thread=383263#t383263

3) Auction, Will/Sue fanfic (I'm going to write it anyway, might as well see if anyone wants to donate for it): http://community.livejournal.com/help_haiti/6394.html?thread=3436538#t3436538

4) Auction, betaing services: http://community.livejournal.com/help_haiti/6394.html?thread=3441402#t3441402

The first two have bids already, and the second two are new, and now I have to go back to doing applications, whee!


Jan. 13th, 2010 11:34 pm
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So I was sitting in my room moping about how I cannot help Haiti...and [livejournal.com profile] manonlechat shows up with the answer to my needs.

[livejournal.com profile] help_haiti

A fandom-wide auction where you can trade your fic, graphics, arts, and miscellaneous skills (including beta reading and podcasting) in return for donations to the effort to assist Haiti after their earthquake. And donate yourself while purchasing some internet goodies!

Whether or not anyone bids on my offers, it's nice to be able to make the effort. In order for the comm to be truly effective, however, it needs more pimping. So go forth and pimp, f-list!
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if anyone has writing prompts that they can come up with in the next, say, hourish or so, please to be commenting here with them. The Creative Writing Group on campus thanks you. :-)

I just had a very long talk with my mother and I feel better about some things now. I want to go home for Thanksgiving.

I have a lot of people to email and I keep forgetting to do it, woe is me.

Also Hugh Jackman writeup I owe y'all, like, pictures. :-)

how is everyone?



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