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still alive

looked pretty

made it back to Savannah

trying to plan a honeymoon

zomg so much new stuff

also handsome husband (HUSBAND) gasp

pictures forthcoming

just wanted to let y'all know I love you but there is no way I'm catching up on my flist, so if you posted anything I need to know about your lives/discussions you think I'd find interesting, please please please feel free to link me. It might be another week or two, as The Husband (HUSBAND) (I AM A WIFE WEIRD) is giving me sad puppy eyes for being here and not looking at honeymoon destinations, but I will need something to do while I wait to find out if I'm going to be here long enough to make getting a job worthwhile.

also bought a brand-new memory foam mattress to replace my darling love's squeaky squeaky God-knows-how-old how do you sleep on this thing it is so uncomfortable what do you mean you don't have an egg crate coil mattress. LOOK AT US ACCOMPLISHING GROWN-UP TASKS.

also am happy. am so, so happy.

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So, just to remind everybody, this got started because Beth and Quark were both like I JUST DON’T LIKE SCI-FI AND I DON’T KNOW WHY, and so I decided to start theorizing as to why, because part of me loves sci-fi, but I’m also with them—I haven’t encountered much (outside of the Star Wars books, and many of those are not as readable when you’re 24 as they were when you were 10) that I actually enjoy.

So, uh, what conclusions have I reached again?
cutting the conclusion because otherwise you’ll just read this and not the rest of the post also it occurs to me now maybe I should have done a series of posts they’d be shorter )

So, hopefully maybe, this kind of explains what I see as reasons for why Beth and Quark struggle with science fiction.

Things I Have Not Covered )

All right, this is now officially open for discussion. Where have I gone right? Where have I gone wrong? What am I missing? Suggestions for continued reading on my part? Authors who might fit into a category of MWT-esque writing within sci-fi and thus appeal to Beth and Quark? If I were to begin a self-guided reading tour of classic science fiction, where should I start? Who’re the big authors of the 1970s? 1980s? GUIDE ME.

Feel free to link to this too--I simply ask that, having admitted my ignorance up front, people not attack me for it. I WOULD LOVE TO LEARN.

In other news, life is going well, getting married in twelve days, need to find a way home between now and then, family drama has lessened if not gone away completely, did an Engaged Encounter weekend last weekend that was SO AWESOME and am now like 99% ready to be married (remaining 1% is BAAAAAAAAAAAW FAMILY, like Goose pulling a “noooooo older sister don’t get married and leaaaaaaave meeeeeeeeeee”). And I have officially probably spent way too long on this, so, time to hit post!

back to gender!

back to the other problems!

back to the definitions!



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