Sep. 30th, 2012 04:24 pm
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All right, anyone who's spent time with ten-to-eleven-year-old boys and girls,

what are they like?

I have some ideas but it's been a while since I've spent a lot of time with that age group, so, you know, any observations you have about the age group would be welcome.


Sep. 3rd, 2012 12:52 pm
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who actually still visits this site on a regular basis? And what, exactly, is that regular basis? This is just me being curious I'm not going to go anywhere and half of us are also Facebook friends but you know.

ALSO if you are not spending time here, are you spending it on another site, or are you too busy being consumed with ~*~real life~*~?

also I am trying to decide which project I should work on over this whole nine-month deployment thing. I am slowly getting more settled and accepting that This Is My Life ("yeah! I spent the majority of my first year of marriage apart from my husband! so much for 'alone time before having children'" mostly I jest but it is partially true sob) and so once I beat ME2 and then ME3 and Kaidan comes back and tells me he's sorry and he loves me and I can say IT'S OKAY, I LOVED YOU ALL ALONG much to Quark's disgust as that happens and I get on a schedule (studying Old English? Who has to study for a...language course...sob) I will be WRITING and I have to finish Godbaby fic

(snippet NO STEALING: The pounding grows quieter. I am afraid to look over the wall, and I do not know why. I have only ever spoken to Mother and to the elves. Mother taught me a greeting, but I do not know if the girl—if it is a girl—will understand me. And she is only one person, and Mother told me to find a town. I think that if I wait, she and the animals will go away. I am good at sitting still for hours, at hiding from the sight of those around me. I will wait.

The grass itches at my hands, but I do not move. The smell of the animals is strong and unpleasant, but I do not cough. The sun becomes brighter and brighter in the sky, and sweat drips into my eyes, and I barely blink. I am not here, I think. I think of nothing else.

but also I want to work on a novel so that WP has something to read that is my fanfiction. Top choices are Goblin Novel (probably he would like it best, but it needs serious serious work because I wrote it during first semester senior year which was INSANE and Pictash spends a lot of time in a library doing research) and 2010 NaNo That Went Nowhere (the two main characters don't have names, also they are basically a younger version of Nevalle and Tanithar) (her name is either Theresa or Tabitha, but Tabitha is too close to Tanithar and I don't like the way Theresa looks, though I like the sound of it) (anyway it's my Generic Fantasy Novel in the same way that the Goblin Novel is my Subversion of the Generic Fantasy Novel). SUGGESTIONS WELCOME.

okay okay time to go eat lunch and borrow Quark's shower and pay my rent and get a library card WOOT.

eta: MY UPSTAIRS NEIGHBOR IS WATCHING SLEEPING BEAUTY is it wrong to want to knock on their door and tell them how cool they are. (Actually I think they have small children, but still. This has made my early afternoon.)
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all the feels contained here could be summed up in the following gif )

ANYWAY so to do things, here are some requests for prompts, because I'm even too lazy to write these days. (I hate rainy Mondays.) Expect drabble-y things in response.

1. Give me a character or pairing or something and a "five times" prompt.


2. Comment, and I'll do an insta-drabble ficlet thing, prompted from whatever icon you use.

4. Give me:

1. A line from a song or a poem.
2. The title of a book.
3. A color.
4. An emotion.
[5. A fandom, if you like.]

lawlz fic

Jul. 15th, 2010 01:02 am
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1) Year-old Zutara fic! Woo!

2) this line will not leave me alone:
"I am a mage, Alistair. And they wish to make you king."

/angsts all over everything with her tiny broken heart

3) RASHAKA, YOUR FIC IS LANGUISHING ON MY HARD DRIVE, BECAUSE ZUKO'S VOICE FLED MY HEAD AND REFUSED TO RETURN. I am marathoning season 1 on Saturday, though, so hopefully I will be able to finish it.
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if anyone has writing prompts that they can come up with in the next, say, hourish or so, please to be commenting here with them. The Creative Writing Group on campus thanks you. :-)

I just had a very long talk with my mother and I feel better about some things now. I want to go home for Thanksgiving.

I have a lot of people to email and I keep forgetting to do it, woe is me.

Also Hugh Jackman writeup I owe y'all, like, pictures. :-)

how is everyone?

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1) In a writing mood. So tell me: boy or girl.

2) EVERYONE NEEDS TO WRITE CONGRATULATORY THINGS FOR QUARKIE NOW. She's been having a terrible week and been stressing and her French professor sucks, but her school of choice called her about setting up an interview to become an EYEBALL DOCTOR, and this is VERY EXCITING NEWS. It means her little application is out in the big wide world and people are actually paying attention to it! Which is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than I can say, as my application is not even twinkling in my eye right now.

So yay Quark! ilu bb ♥


Sep. 11th, 2009 12:40 am
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I seem to be running out of "things I have written" to read. Thank goodness NaNo is coming up soon.

p.s. the lack of decent critique my fiction writing class gave me on this story still fills me with an unhealthy amount of writer's angst.

p.p.s. while I'm suffering from writer's angst I'll just point out that due to a lack of comments on this post I now have two unfinished fics sitting on my harddrive. thanks guys.

p.p.p.s. hey let's be really obnoxious! BETA.
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So I’m trying to write this Avatar fic—or maybe a multitude of them, I dunno, because I keep hitting a roadblock.   [info]styromgalleries and I talked about this some the other day, which reminded me that I wanted to do a big post asking for characterizations thoughts on the post-finale conundrum that is canonical Avatar ships.


(Basically, I want to write a Zutara fic that keeps everyone in character, and I’m finding it a bitch. Read on.)


a brief trip through Jade's mental processes )



a return to the original topic at hand, and a discussion of Zuko and Aang (who are, though I never say this explicitly, very very close friends, duh) )

the snag that is Katara )



the problems )


So basically, if you have any quibbles with characterization or canon support or plotness, or spot any holes I left uncovered (and remember, I don’t have an actual plot—this is all character stuff), please tell me. I really want to write a fic that doesn’t just break Kataang up for the hell of it, or take place in a universe post-break-up—and maybe I’m not giving post-finale Zutara fandom enough credit (and granted, I haven’t done much searching of the fanfic these days), but I somehow doubt there are a lot of fics that tackle this. But I’m going round and round in circles on this, and so if you see a place I can get onto the straight track, that would be awesome.

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First of all, my stats, as they currently stand:

1/11/08, 02:00:  3K
1/11/08, 14:00:  5.5K
1/11/08, 22:47:  7.8K
2/11/08, 14:16:  9,769
2/11/08, 22:31: 12,551

Oh, sorry, what is that, over 10K in the first two days?  Why yes, yes I think that's me.

I just gave my novel the title Se Reveiller, which, uh, just means "to wake [oneself] up" in French, but it's one of the novel's themes (personal awakening, anyway), and it's in French so everything sounds better.  Mostly it's because my profile page looked very sad without any sort of title on it.

Let's see, what else have I inner editor is being surprisingly quiet right now, partially because I have yet to actually reread anything I've written, and partially because...I don't know where she's gone, which scares me.  I'm actually kind of struggling with myself right now, because my first NaNo, my inner editor was in full gear, but that meant for the most part I could post what I had written without having to edit it too much, whereas right now, I have no idea what kind of condition my writing is in.

So would it be better to take a little more time, and have something I'm more satisfied with, straight-off-the-bat, or is it better to just go and worry about it all when I'm done?

I mean, since NaNo last year, I have finished Not Yet by Lightning AND edited it, and finished Falling Slowly and begun the long, somewhat arduous process of editing it as well.

I should explain here that I infinitely INFINITELY prefer the term "edit" to the term "rewrite," even if often what I'm doing involves rewriting sentences...or know.  To me, "rewriting" comes with this image of sitting down with a blank piece of paper and starting over completely--I mean, not completely, but without all the things you've already written, because they weren't good enough so you have to rewrite them.  I find the image/idea of "rewriting" singularly exhausting.

Editing, on the other hand--whee!  Editing is going back to those sentences and saying "ugh, you're crap, GOODBYE" and "oh, you'd be so much better if I would just switch those around, look, that's lovely," as well as occasionally giving yourself the opportunity to say "you know, that was very well-done the first time around, bravo me" and "holy crap, what did I mean by this?  Why did I write this?  Why does it feel so important?  HOW DO I MAKE THIS BETTER HELP."*

*this is the step where Quark shows up and graciously lends her assistance

Anyway, the point is...what else have I written since last year?  A little bit of Zutara fanfic.  The Most Perfect Enchanted Fanfic Ever If I Do Say So Myself.  Quark's birthday present.  Three pieces to go into the Unrequited collection.  But somewhere in all this, I have apparently learned how to make myself write?  How to just sit down and start writing and pick up steam as I go?

I kind of miss those moments of inspiration, though, when I'd suddenly have an idea and a conversation and bam I would produce something kinda cool and there it would be, all complete and pretty, with minimal need for editing!

and somewhere between starting this post and and finishing it, I got totally sidetracked by things like LEGOFIC and GENERAL INSANITY, and so I have lost my train of thought.

I've already killed off two parents!  And I have at least two more to kill!

I'm really enjoying what I've written so far, and I think I'll probably go back and edit it and add more scenes--I appear to be exploring the theme of friendship, and it's turning out to be a really fun theme to explore.  Who knew?

The whole atmosphere of writing in France--I spent Saturday afternoon walking around the center of town, up and down cobblestone streets near houses that have been there for, oh, several hundred years, you know, walking by that castle that's been around since, say, 1300-something--is really invigorating.  As is the fact that I cannot get distracted by the internet.  Finally, it's turning into a blessing!

Anyway, good luck, everyone!


Jan. 16th, 2007 06:30 pm
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my phone works again.

I'm listening to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack and wishing I could rewrite the story...and then I remembered a couple of years back to when I had this idea in my mind to write a Ginny/Draco fanfiction that was a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast story.  I wasn't ever going to say it was a retelling, I was just going to write it and see what people got out of it.

the premise was this:

*is late to meet a friend for Starbucks, but feels better about herself*


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