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so when he was here last I gave WP my copy of The King of Attolia, as he had already finished TT and QoA. Last night he texted me saying, "I was going to wait until you started reading the [hopefully better than that abysmally awful other] book I gave you, but I couldn't resist."

so by this afternoon he had gotten to "ten gold cups" (and was like, I can see bits of myself in Eugenides and in Costis, and I was like well, I do have a type*), and then tonight I got a text telling me that the queen of Attolia was acting like me, which I correctly interpreted as the moment in my icon, which I proceeded to quote from memory.

"The plot? The plot so far is that Eugenides is king and is trying to be accepted by Attolia...or...well, I am guessing by her past writing that he does know what he's doing, she's just not telling us? So I don't think he's just trying to get accepted by Attolia. So it seems like he just wanted to marry her and now he's king and he's like oh crap. And Costis is having Severe Issues. [...] He's not going through an identity crisis so much as he's just going through a crisis. And he doesn't realize he can be loyal to both of them, or one, i.e. one them together. That's not an option."


*See: Ruven. Ruuuuuuuuuunvennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
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