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So, just to remind everybody, this got started because Beth and Quark were both like I JUST DON’T LIKE SCI-FI AND I DON’T KNOW WHY, and so I decided to start theorizing as to why, because part of me loves sci-fi, but I’m also with them—I haven’t encountered much (outside of the Star Wars books, and many of those are not as readable when you’re 24 as they were when you were 10) that I actually enjoy.

So, uh, what conclusions have I reached again?
cutting the conclusion because otherwise you’ll just read this and not the rest of the post also it occurs to me now maybe I should have done a series of posts they’d be shorter )

So, hopefully maybe, this kind of explains what I see as reasons for why Beth and Quark struggle with science fiction.

Things I Have Not Covered )

All right, this is now officially open for discussion. Where have I gone right? Where have I gone wrong? What am I missing? Suggestions for continued reading on my part? Authors who might fit into a category of MWT-esque writing within sci-fi and thus appeal to Beth and Quark? If I were to begin a self-guided reading tour of classic science fiction, where should I start? Who’re the big authors of the 1970s? 1980s? GUIDE ME.

Feel free to link to this too--I simply ask that, having admitted my ignorance up front, people not attack me for it. I WOULD LOVE TO LEARN.

In other news, life is going well, getting married in twelve days, need to find a way home between now and then, family drama has lessened if not gone away completely, did an Engaged Encounter weekend last weekend that was SO AWESOME and am now like 99% ready to be married (remaining 1% is BAAAAAAAAAAAW FAMILY, like Goose pulling a “noooooo older sister don’t get married and leaaaaaaave meeeeeeeeeee”). And I have officially probably spent way too long on this, so, time to hit post!

back to gender!

back to the other problems!

back to the definitions!



May. 20th, 2010 03:08 pm
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So I'm back home, yay! Sitting in my favorite locally-owned coffee shop sucking down fruit tea, yay! Staring at my AmeriCorps application with a great deal of trepidation. I am dumb. Avoiding it by making this post! This is not my graduation post; this is my "what should I read this summer?" post.

SO basically the idea is hit me with a book you think I should have read in college, and if I haven't read it, I will add it to my list. Hint: my list already includes The Great Gatsby, Jane Eyre, and Huckleberry Finn.

I will probably talk more about actual graduation and thoughts about what I want to do with my life later but since I am being all avoidance-y I should keep this short.

Also if I missed any important/amusing posts from the last week and you think I should read them, link me.

Also if I have the entire plot of an approximately 20K-word Katara-centric Ursa-related ATLA fic, should I write it?

p.s. I did not call myself dumb that was Malone stealing my computer.
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my whole life, when I've read about scents and stuff in books--like, people catching a whiff of this or that--I always assumed that was just Something That Happened. Like, you threw in something about so-and-so's hair smelling like their shampoo or something because that was just another detail about the person you could include.

it wasn't until Malone recently admitted to me that she associates different people with their own scents that I realized that some people actually can smell a shampoo's scent without having to have their nose buried in said hair.

long story short: if you catch scent descriptions in my writing, I'm making it up, and if I can smell your cologne, you're wearing too much.

p.s. new layout requires more quotes and new icons, suggestions?
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Just the other day, I was thinking about how I haven't used my "the deaths of famous people" tag in a while, and then I heard that

Ed McMahon had passed away

but by the time I found out I figured it was old news.

And then today I get on and was sad to find out that Farrah Fawcett, whose bangs (fringe for the Brits) I will always admire, has also passed away.

And then my mother calls me and says MICHAEL JACKSON'S DEAD to which I responded WTF THAT IS REALLY SAD and since this is even more recent than Ms. Fawcett, I a) am posting about it and b) apologize for the fact that you're probably going to hear about it on your f-list for the next couple of days. I think the news might have broken LJ--when I first got on, it was undergoing "emergency maintenance."


this is Jade, over and out.
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1)  I love my new icon because it really conveys the motion of the scene.  (Malone is sitting here calling me a "nerdy nerdy flabfat."  "I'm making fun of you!  She has ears!  *squishes ear*  Huhuh wow, that's really weird-looking.  I could sew your ear shut like that and nobody would love you.  Could you hear worse or better?  *notices that I am taking a transcript of the moment*  *sticks finger in middle of ponytail*  Rape!")

2)  Well, while she's sitting here, I'll just go ahead and make my post about my thoughts on Southern Raiders.  Based on the conversations over at [profile] katara_zuko, there seem to be a couple of main issues with the episode:

a)  Why the crap was Zuko being so freaking OOC?
b)  Why didn't they talk?  Did Katara really forgive Zuko, or was that just a copout?
c)  Zuko's reaction to Katara's AWESOME BENDING OF DOOOOOOOOOOOM:  turn on or get me the hell out of here?

So, here's my thoughts on said issues:
tl;dr? )

And it's about time for The Ember Island Players to start, so I'll have to cut this short, and add the links to the good discussions on k_z  but--YAY.  I LOVE KATARA, AND I LOVE THIS SHOW.


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