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2011-05-10 07:04 pm

50 sentences for my favorite fic

Fandom: Neverwinter Nights 2
Pairing: Sir Nevalle/Knight Captain (specifically, Tanithar, from my fic Falling Slowly)
Theme set: Beta
Title: Harbor
Rating: K+, if that
Warning[s]: none
Notes: These sentences are incredibly spoilery for the above-linked fic; I felt like writing something fun and happy, and turned to these two. The title comes from the Vienna Teng song of the same name; [livejournal.com profile] loquaciousquark graciously beta'd/half-wrote these. You can find her (beautiful, BEAUTIFUL) DA2 sentences here. Any resemblance between these characters and anyone in my own life is creepily coincidental. I hope you enjoy!

so sail your sea / meet your storm )
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2011-01-09 02:27 pm
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2011-01-09 02:25 pm

from order, chaos, part one

So I am posting this here because, well, I'm fond of it, and you know one day years down the line I'll be being interviewed about the Ariadne novel and I can say, well, you know, I sort of played around with the ideas in the novel in an immature form when I was much younger and writing a fanfic from a fanartist's idea and the interviewer will be confused and I will just keep chatting away merrily like nothing's wrong.

If the font here is too small, you can always hit ctrl and +/= at the same time and that will make the font bigger. You can also read it over at my fanfiction.net page, where there's a handy button for you to change font sizes.

And as always, reviews are welcome.

Title: From Order, Chaos

Author: Jade Sabre

Summary: When Hades finally frees himself from the river of death, he discovers an unexpected visitor in his abode with revenge on her mind and sorrow in her heart. A Meg/Hades fic, of a sort.

Notes: So I read the summary of the fanart "Megara: She Needs a Gyro" by steevinlove over at DeviantArt, and decided to fic it. Or perhaps its prequel.

That I have furthered bastardized the already bastard mythology of the film, I freely admit; I have taken the pieces I needed, acknowledged that this is an AU of Disney's AU, and put things together as I thought they might fit. My apologies to any and all fans of Greek mythology and history in general; I include myself in this apology. I also apologize to Rick Riordan, because I borrowed one of his ideas, and his meticulously researched and perfectly presented works shouldn't wallow in the mud I've made of the primordial waters.

I also shouldn't be allowed to write author's notes again, ever.

Dedication: To my dear Ariel, who showed me the picture in the first place, who not only indulges but encourages my love of all things Disney, and who is pretty much one of the strongest, sweetest people I've ever met, even when she's being sassy. Merry Christmas, dear. 3

Disclaimer: I do not own the specific iteration of the Herculean myth from which I borrowed the characters you find in this fic.

from order, chaos )

//part two//
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2010-10-31 04:57 pm

Dragon Age Fic: Legend

So, normally I don't post my own fic here, but this one, well, I want to post it wherever I can, and that amounts to about four places, one of them being here, so, well, there you go. This wiki entry and this one sort of give you an idea of the general things surrounding this specific story; it helps to know that the character you play in Dragon Age is a Grey Warden, which is an order of people who drink darkspawn blood in order to be able to kill archdemons, taking the taint and mastering it, at least for a little while.

Anyway, here is my fic; hope you enjoy it.

Title: Legend
Author: Jade Sabre
Summary: The Warden and Andraste; a study in light.
Notes: This was originally going to be my entry for the "legendary" lightning round at the [livejournal.com profile] dao_challenge LJ community, but I quickly realized I wouldn't be able to do it in fifteen minutes. Try two hours and fifteen minutes. Anyway, I have to acknowledge a few influences on this piece:

1) The fic "But A Sword," by tjadis, which has been lingering in the back of my head in its own beautiful way,
2) The novel The King's Rose, by Alisa Libby, which is an absolutely fantastic character study of Catherine Howard, fifth wife of Henry VIII, and
3) The fic "Deathsong," by LoquaciousQuark, which is an excellent Bleach fic (I'm not in the fandom, but there's nothing a little wiki-ing can't help you with), as well as some of her other fic, as well as her general outlook on life.

This was written to "Farewell," the final track on the Pocahontas soundtrack, on repeat, and reads pretty well with it.

The quotes from the Chant I obtained from the Dragon Age wiki.

A little piece of my heart went into this; I'd love to read your reviews.

Disclaimer: Dragon Age belongs to the brilliant people at Bioware.

Leliana calls the Warden a sunflower, and it is not far from the truth. )

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2010-10-18 09:37 pm

glee drabble, or "i am a sellout" is not a strong enough phrase

Title: relativity
Author: Jade Sabre
Spoilers for: "Duets"

with all apologies to einstein )

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2010-06-15 12:38 am

atla fanfic on the fly

So today I was reading the comments on the latest installment of Kyoshi Hold 'Em (shiperrific crack fun) and someone was laughing at the idea of Aang going through puberty, and said it would like Azula getting her period. So I tried to write crackfic and then kind of failed, but I was pleased enough with the results to repost them here, with minimal editing. Also unbeta'd, so comma abuse probably abounds.

Title: idk, "End of the Innocence" or something, 'cause it's ironic
Author: Meeeeee
Rating: G unless you're a boy easily grossed out by casual mentions of girls gushing blood

call it a character study? )
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2010-06-07 12:21 am

in fandom-related stuff

I, uh, finished posting Falling Slowly, my other not-quite-as-long Neverwinter Nights 2 fanfic. It's from a side character's POV, and he knows about as much about what's going on as, say, someone who hadn't played the game and only glanced at the Wikipedia pages. And, um, I'm really hesitant to say I'M RIDICULOUSLY PROUD OF THIS FIC, but um, I am ridiculously proud of this fic. It is--I think--good. And dedicated to Quark, because she is awesome and deserves it. So, um, you can read it in its entirety now, if you like.

on the writing process )

The title comes from this song, because I listened to the soundtrack incessantly while writing the fic:
take this sinking boat and point it home )

and also because the main female character is from a town called West Harbor, so that's a nice little metaphorical connection there, which connects with this song, which also influenced me:
the light in me will guide you home )

that's not the version of "Harbor" that I have on my computer--mine comes from the "Heard it on NPR" radio, and is just Vienna Teng and a piano, and I still vividly remember the first time I listened to it, in the car on the way home from ND with my dad. It was also the first time I heard Vienna Teng's voice, with its crystalline clarity--it's just so pure, and the road was dark and the sound wrapped around me like a blanket. This fic is kind of like all those late nights sitting on the couch just like I am now, my fingers on the keyboard and the music and the dog sleeping at my feet and a story that I wanted to tell.

so, here's to finding something new for this summer, and many summers to come.
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2010-03-30 01:02 am

wow and I thought I had a lot of schoolwork to finish

A meme from Quarkie who is ignoring me to work on her ~*~artses~*~ or something thought I had fallen off the internet, brought to you by my inexplicable desire to tease you with my writing.

Post a sentence (or paragraph) or two from as many of your WIPs as you want, with no explanation attached.

They are not in any particular order, mostly sorted according to how I found them.

fanfiction )

original stuff )
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2010-03-01 05:36 pm

Jak this is all your fault

So on last night's post (which is still open; it's lovely to stretch the writing muscles, even if I'm just producing mediocre stuff), [livejournal.com profile] jakia gave me the following prompt:


And dragons.


Or a unicorn.


Well this quickly spun out of control, so here you go, HK-47 finds a unicorn. The dragon story will probably be along tomorrow.

I blame the copious amount of reading I've been doing about sexuality, and the fact that the mentality of the PC of KOTOR is really--just--delicious to play with, for the way the story shifts from nonsensically humorous to suddenly not and then back again. IT'S JUST AN EXERCISE, OKAY.

uuuuh I'm not sure it deserves a title )
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2010-02-28 08:12 pm

sundays are the worst days for this kind of feeling

pick a--a world, any world I've written in or that you've seen me write in, fandom or original, whatever. And then prompt me on it. Any prompt, be it something you've always wanted me to write, or something you've always wanted to read, or--whatever. Anything.

Hit me with it. I wanna write something.


Quark: hmm
"know that aching pull"
Jade: it's the stretch of the burn scar on his chest
it itches when Mai touches it, and tugs when Katara is near.
the end)
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2010-02-28 01:05 pm

doodoodoo doo doooooooo doo doodoodoo dooooooo

so! to clear up any confusion, biopsy turned into synovectomy but they only took out the part of my synovium that was causing problems, so HOPEFULLY once I'm all better from having stitches in my leg I will be really all better. Shirley the scooter is mine until May, though, so, uh, THINGS I WILL BE USING TO GET TO THE LIBRARY.

Am still laid up, but on ibuprofen today and so feeling less grumpy and more human. Which, alas, means I ought to actually do some homework today, woe.

Also I started posting a new fanfic about a month ago. Um, you don't have to know the storyline to follow it, at least I don't think so? Anyway it is called Falling Slowly and I wrote it like over a year ago but, uh, if anyone feels like reading something I've written that's actually complete, well, there you have it.

Time to go read the last fifty pages of A Room with a View, then reread bits of The Voyage Out, then start looking at actual criticism, le sigh...
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2010-01-31 02:42 am

drabble for [livejournal.com profile] manonlechat

This drabble is [livejournal.com profile] manonlechat's prize for donating $5 during the [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti Lightning Round.

She asked for something Avatar, Katara/Blue Spirit, maybe? And so here are 500 words. I hope you like them!

where shadow chases light

Aang read wind currents, and Toph felt the shifting of the earth, but Katara saw into shadow. )
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2009-07-01 12:14 pm

two memes snagged from [livejournal.com profile] redbrunja

because she has seriously awesome memes.

1. Pick a letter of the alphabet (hopefully one someone hasn't already picked), then pick a fandom (or a crossover), and then a character or pairing. So an example would be E is for Educational - Iruka/Anko (Naruto). In turn you'll receive a ficlet of some kind.

2. Pick one piece of fanfiction I've written. I'll tell you one thing I didn't like about it, one thing I did and one thing I wish I would have done differently. Then, you give me one thing you didn't like, one thing you liked and one comment about it. The comment can be a question or in general remark or whatever you want. Post this in your journal so I can do the same.

(as usual, all my fanfic can either be found in my LJ memories or at my fanfiction.net account.)

speaking of fanfic, man, I should stop going to bed so late and maybe start actually writing stuff again. *g*
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2008-10-14 04:17 pm

an update!

Of the fanfic variety.  (Stop groaning.  ...I'm looking at you, [livejournal.com profile] mysteree80 .  I know you've already stopped reading, but I'm still giving you a Look.)

Namely, I have finished Not Yet by Lightning, with an awesome final line that belongs half to me (the non-awesome part) and half to Quark (everything that is awesome).  So, uh, if you want to read it, since now you can just read it all at once and be really confused, rather than just sitting around for weeks waiting for an update to continue your confusion, um, please, go ahead.  I put in some nice symbolism, some running motifs, some character development...all in all, I think it turned out quite well. 

Fanfiction.net says it rounds out nicely at 63,950 words, of which I would guess at least 950 are author's-note-type-things.  So...that's pretty long.  For me, anyway.

If anyone feels like reading it, again, you can find it here:  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4142011/1/Not_Yet_by_Lightning .


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2008-03-26 10:22 pm

Not Yet by Lightning, Chapter 2

Yay!  Chapter two of my fic is up!

So, since I'm stubborn, here's the summary of Things You Need to Know for Chapter Two:

In the last chapter, we met Laura Farthing, who is the main character of my fic.  If I'm ever feeling particularly narcissistic, I'll post up the screencap I have of her, but in the meantime, you'll get a mental picture all your own.

We also heard mention of her father, Daeghun.  As Daeghun is an elf and Laura is 100% human, it's pretty obvious that he is actually her foster-father.  He's known for being a bit...reserved.  Daeghun's half-brother is a half-elf named Duncan, who owns a bar called the Sunken Flagon.

Again, questions/comments/reviews are always welcome.  :-)

Not Yet by Lightning, chapter 2
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2008-03-20 12:23 am

Not Yet by Lightning, Chapter 1

Whelp, folks, I know I've been talking big for a while now, but it's FINALLY HERE! 

That's right, my epically long (if 55K is epic) fanfiction based on the main plot of the Neverwinter Nights 2 campaign is finally up and running!  Now, I know y'all are all just falling over yourselves to read it, but there might be some lingering questions in your mind, such as "What the heck is Neverwinter Nights all about?" or "What's a tiefling again?"

So here's the deal.  If you want to read it (and some of y'all PROMISED you would *puppy eyes* thought of course you don't have to, but just think about what a welcome procrastination tool homework break it could be...), I'm going to be writing brief summaries of the main plot action that I left out of my fic here at the LJ, and then posting a link to the chapter.  That way you (hopefully) won't be totally lost; the fic is designed as a series of...snippets, I guess, of a couple of my own invented subplots that rely on the main plot and intersect with it but don't cover every aspect of it.  Some of the scenes take dialogue directly from the game and then tweaked, others are completely my own; I'll be sure to let you know which is which.

Now, please enjoy Not Yet by Lightning, Chapter 1.
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2008-01-14 01:41 am

Lo, she returns!


Don't worry, an account of my escapades over the past week (maybe even with pictures!) is forthcoming[ish], but for now, I present you with the sole bit of writing I managed to do over break.

This was originally posted a fanfiction.net, and so here's a link if you want to read the story without some of my babblings about what bothered me about Enchanted.

For the rest of you suckers...

Title:  "Each to Each"
Author:  Jade Sabre
Rating:  K/G/Q for Quite Harmless
Summary:  In which Edward has a minute to make a decision.
Notes:  So I'll spare you for now, but I have a whole analysis of Enchanted as a tale of artifice and sexual awakening.  Also it parodied Sleeping Beauty, which is kind of criminal.  But mostly I felt like Giselle lost her spark, and Edward lost his true love (which leads to an interesting discussion of destiny--for example, if Giselle hadn't fallen through the well, would Edward have been her true love?  Or was Robert always her true love because she was always going to fall through the well?), and I loved Edward and was lukewarm towards Patrick Dempsey Robert, and I just felt like (hey, even Edward loses some of his innocence) Edward needed his moment told.  And so, here it is.

Disclaimer:  Enchanted and all its characters and settings are the property of Disney and not of myself; if I were in charge, Giselle would never have lost her innocence.



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2007-08-04 12:44 am

these suck

I just thought I'd warn you.

anyway, I've got this niggling little storyline in my head, except these excerpts don't do them justice, but I'm too chicken to upload them to ff.net, so instead I'm torturing whoever stumbles across this with them.  the characters come from the game Neverwinter Nights 2.  This is fanfic expanding upon some of the scenarios in the game.  A rundown of the names mentioned:

Anyway, here's some un-betaed fic.  Any thoughts would be most welcome.  I kinda want to expand this, but I also need to beat the game.  Oh, decisions, decisions.


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2007-01-16 08:53 pm