Jan. 14th, 2008

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Don't worry, an account of my escapades over the past week (maybe even with pictures!) is forthcoming[ish], but for now, I present you with the sole bit of writing I managed to do over break.

This was originally posted a fanfiction.net, and so here's a link if you want to read the story without some of my babblings about what bothered me about Enchanted.

For the rest of you suckers...

Title:  "Each to Each"
Author:  Jade Sabre
Rating:  K/G/Q for Quite Harmless
Summary:  In which Edward has a minute to make a decision.
Notes:  So I'll spare you for now, but I have a whole analysis of Enchanted as a tale of artifice and sexual awakening.  Also it parodied Sleeping Beauty, which is kind of criminal.  But mostly I felt like Giselle lost her spark, and Edward lost his true love (which leads to an interesting discussion of destiny--for example, if Giselle hadn't fallen through the well, would Edward have been her true love?  Or was Robert always her true love because she was always going to fall through the well?), and I loved Edward and was lukewarm towards Patrick Dempsey Robert, and I just felt like (hey, even Edward loses some of his innocence) Edward needed his moment told.  And so, here it is.

Disclaimer:  Enchanted and all its characters and settings are the property of Disney and not of myself; if I were in charge, Giselle would never have lost her innocence.




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