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I would use this userpic:

but since LJ's recent shenanigans my paid account has not been renewed and it won't let me upload any new icons. I can't even access my Morrigan icon, and there seems to be no way to swap out what's inactive and what isn't? Oh well.





Aggressive mage f!Hawke named Thistle:

sided with mages, lost her virginity to Isabela but ended up "romancing" Anders due to severe control issues. PROBABLY I am going to replay the end and side with the templars because her biggest goal in Act III was to become viscount and honestly, this chick could have gone either way with her final siding choice. That is how self-centeredly arrogantly awful she is.

anyway now I have to go fic. There are at least three kmeme fills I want to do AND Cullenfic AND that magefic contest (not that my idea is going to win oh well) AND my big bang fic (so...jossed...well, not entirely, but the timeline is a bit screwy).

but yeah if you have any fic recs or want to know more about my playthrough/want to yak, uh, go right ahead?

/goes to set her DA comms back to "watch" status

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Date: 2011-12-29 09:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jakia.livejournal.com
Oooh, tell me more, tell me more!

Thoughts on Fenris? Fenris/Isabela? Is the Anders romance your canon or what? What happened to your sibling? CULLEN! ect, ect.

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Date: 2011-12-30 06:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jade-sabre-301.livejournal.com

see it's sort of a sore point because he is Quark's favorite and I got entirely too attached to parties that didn't involve him, also he didn't like Thistle and Thistle didn't like him and so I never really bothered LOOK I DIDN'T MEAN FOR HIM TO END UP A BLOODY SMEAR IN THE GALLOWS COURTYARD, IT JUST KIND OF HAPPENED.

basically I'll have to do a Fenris playthrough. Fenris/Isabela sounds meh, but I don't really know Fenris AT ALL.

CARVER I took Carver with me to the Deep Roads because I figured if I didn't he would never forgive me, and I took Anders because he was my healer, and that turned out to be a VERY FORTUNATE OCCURRENCE. Seriously the Carver storyline I LOVED IT SO MUCH and when he came back in the very end and then the last conversation we had UGH SO PERFECT. Thistle really wanted to push him out of her shadow as much as he wanted to get out of it. T_T

CULLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN I want Hawke/Cullen SOMETHING FIERCE. I just. Was so happy to see him, and then he was all grown up and reasonable, and he and Hawke were buddy-buddy, and he all was like NO MEREDITH I WON'T LET YOU DO THIS and I was like YAY I DO NOT HAVE TO KILL YOU BESTFRIENDZ. Also he was really hot. Also he was just. I love him.

AS FOR MY ROMANCE well okay it went like this
me: humdeehum who to romance
Thistle: *stares at screen*
me: ...oh God I have no idea what your personality is.
Thistle: *stares at screen, tries to make in-game decisions*
me: *scribbles notes in Notepad, trying to get a sense of character* (I still have the file.)
me: hoshit this chick is totally a lesbian! she doesn't know how to flirt because she wasn't interested in any of the guys in Lothering and had no idea she was sexually attracted to women! And now her comes Isabela with all like LOOK AT MY BOOBS and Thistle's just like WHOA, BOOBS, NEVER THOUGHT OF THEM THAT WAY.

So anyway Thistle had the hots for Isabela and they banged (although I did pick the "this is just for fun" option which apparently can screw you over if you try to complete the romance?), but then Anders was all I WUV YOU and she was like well, shit, I have to keep your crazy abomination self under control, sure you can move in with me. The thing about Thistle is that the more quests she completed, the more confident she became in her ability to handle ANYTHING, and the more confident she was that she was always right and that no one would ever really be able to oppose her. So, sure, she dumped Isabela and lost her chance at romantic happiness, but she was sure she was doing the right thing because she was sure she was the only one who could keep Anders in check. She did care for him, but not really in a remotely companionable sense ("I love you!" "Want a sandwich?"), but she let him move in with her and agreed to learn healing spells (I think if she had stuck with Isabela she would've become a blood mage), and they made it work for a while, but then he was all SO I LIED THERE IS NO MAGIC POTION and she was like I AM NOT HELPING YOU WITH THIS, and then he blowed up the Chantry and well ages ago I wrote this (rough unfinished) exchange between her and Varric:

Are you sure of what you're doing?
What do you mean?
With Anders.
Yes, Varric, thank you, you don't need to be con--
Look, we're all concerned, but I'm the only one who'll say anything. You'd have to be blind as a bat not to see that Isabela--
That's over. Besides, what am I supposed to do, cheat on a murderous abomination?
Is that what you think of him?
No, but I'm not willing to test him either.
Careful, Hawke. The leash is short and only loosely knotted. I'd hate for the dog to bite the hand of its master.
He won't. [beat] And if he does, I'll kill him.

SO. so. Anders got hisself stabbed in the back. Which of course also ruined any chance of Isabela and Hawke getting back together because, uh, apparently Hawke stabs her lover in the back if they displease her, so, no good there. And Orsino going crazy was Hawke's last straw--she sided with the mages and even the First Enchanter couldn't keep it together? FORGET IT. She was out of there.

but yeah basically Anders not-romance romance with tragic!ending is my canon for this Hawke.




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Date: 2012-01-02 07:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] demonicfangirl.livejournal.com
"lost her virginity to Isabela but ended up "romancing" Anders" -- happened to me too :D Isabela is just easy, I think...

And yet despite the "I accidently the whole Chantry", I STILL completed the romance with him because he's TOO F'in ADORABLE!

especially in Awakenings... with Ser Pounce-a-Lot <3


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